Sunday 's Taffy's Meet 6/19/05

Meet up tonight, weather should be fine just wash your cars Bitches.

i’ll probably cruise up…got nothin else goin on later

i wont be able to make it… poker owns me tonight…

I might head up

Nice of you all to show up, Russ and Jim…

i would only have gone had there been a rumble between this nyspeed and the unspoken forum, like outsiders style. i call dibs on the role of ponyboy on the 26th, tho

i loved seeing matt there…matt i love you…

anyways…it was a pretty good turnout…got kinda cold…but none the less…good times

I got there late was picking up a freind. Good turn out, made some runs, but the highlight was the kidd with the red LASER…OMFG that was the funniest shit ever!!!

Do tell about Laser kid… I saw his DSM and was much impressed… :roll:

well lets just put it this way…tony with the blue celica gts walked him a few times, and afterwards we all were talking and he’s like “theres no way that car is stock! what u got done to that thing!” hahahaha or how bout when he ran thru the ditch coming onto the 290 after missing the exit… or … yea i’ll stop, u get the idea

edit josh u gonna be putting up any pics/vids?

Hey…I almost died on that 290 exit thing…but its on vids…good times…good meet…and that laser/clipse was on 14psi but that GTS is madd fast and that dude can wheel!

lol good times

damnit…i should went on this cruise…but i was getting tired…

fun meet…making fun of skunk, swingin on that chair thing, lol… T-uP

i left a lil after 10…got tired…wish i got to go on the cruise though, those are always fun

not a bad little turn out… :slight_smile:

ah gay, i knew i shoulda rolled up

next week for sure though

I would love to see some pics and vids :yummy:

yea i suck, sorry :frowning:

i can’t ever manage to stay awake past 10 pm anymore, what a looser :frowning:

oh yea…ripping on me…ASSES


Haha, I’m suprised he didn’t stop and look around the bay for teh spray with his lighter :roll:

BAHAHAHA…he did that to my car…I was like dude…you might not wanna stick that lighter in there…I have a gas leak and then he said… “O shit son…That coulda been bad yo”

Team Funnel BOV 4 L