Hey everybody, my names Brandon, and I just moved up here form FL a few months ago. Ive met a few of you through SkunkApe before, but Ill be seeing yall at the meet tonight at Taffys, hopefully.
I drive a Porsche, and Im not a cocky ass fag about it- so its all good. Im selling it too btw(so if anyone knows anyone PM me) HAHA.
Later dudes and chicks,

:wave: what up bro…about damn time…

brandon is deff good people…

enjoy the site

nice to see you joined :wave:

what up. nice porsche, specs on that pimp ride?

nice meeting you this weekend wave

nice car :tup:

better bring it to autoX before ya sell it hhaa…and not just spectate with skunk…hehe

:tup: nice whip, and welcome

Nice whip man, welcome, and thanks for your welcome, I need to get one of those.

nice ride, and welcome!

:word: welcome

if you are selling it, what are your new plans gonna be, or is that privledged information? :snky:


nice meeting u at the auto-x today…you should run the Porsche…or let me

sup man,

just met ya at twizted/brian’s party

niccee looking ride!

Nice meeting you this weekened…


Nice ride! Hope to see it more regularly! :tup:


Nice seeing your car tonight :tup: I’ll have pics from tonights meet up in a bit. Look for them in the NYSpeed Garage.

Nice meeting ya, I am a big fan of 993s… you selling for a turbo?

whats up mang

Nice to meet you at My/Brian bday party :tup: nice ride, why getting rid of it?

if your skunks friend your my friend…

did he initiate you into the “club” yet?

welcome and nice pcar

shhhhhhhhhh…it didn’t happen yet…:snky: