Sweetest f-bod ever!!1



The area those pics are taken in looks nice…

i kind of sort of didnt hate it looking at the front
then i saw the back
who wants to go to poland to beat that guy senseless with me

dibs on his wallet

integra altezzas tail lights? :bloated:

The floormats pwn all! :bloated:


gotta love having money and being influenced by modern moviemaking

$35,000 starting price?!?


i’m sure he’s got alot of money into it, but his taste is…whats the word…“questionable”

i just threw up inmy mouth … ALOT

im not a dickrider sooooooooooooooo i think it looks well done other than the interior, ive def seen worse

Thats bad on two levels:

  1. i own a fbody
  2. im polish



lol … that cars a rolling polish joke … i realized it was in poland … but it didnt even damn on me how stereotypical polish it is

teh best part is its a v6

word, that is exactly how one retard can ruin it for everyone

it does look like he has bad santa playing tho, which would be the only redeeming thing I see there, haha

Well… at least the seatbelt guides on the headrests are nice…

i was thinking the same thing.


and hes obviously VERY polish if he thinks anyone in the US is gonna buy that , and then pay a few grand to ship it over, and then possibly CRASH TEST IT in order to drive it

if the car exists in the US you dont need to crash test it.