Taffy's 7/17/05 9pm

… If the weather holds :tup:

ill prolly b thurr

wont be there, decent sized group going to see wedding crashers

might show

with your car??

hell yea, finally

Prolly head up. In the mood for another Tropical Cheesecake milkshake :tup: Good stuff right thurr.

Weather looks good :tup:

I’ll be there! Make sure to say hi!



all this milkshake talk has got me all drooley

Underage chicks serving the milkshakes > the milkshakes. :slight_smile:

yeah ill be thurr

wait a minute

wheres taffys?

transit and something? down south? southwestern maybe?


Bish you go when I am working :frowning:

lol don’t worry Corey… you know I don’t go to meets anymore :slight_smile:

woah…how did I miss this? :confused:

Made it home a-ok…thank ya to the brunette girl for the directions (sorry I never got your name, and I forget your b/f’s name :lol: )

i was at the moviesssssssssssss

otherwise i would have shown…seemed like a good night

was it a good turnout?

sell out…I drove all that way just to see you and your car.


very low turnout…hardly anyone there from what I could see. :frowning:

LOL…i feel so loved now…