Tail light tint/wrap

I’m looking to have someone wrap the tail lights on my Tiguan, I bought the Lamin-x kit but the template isn’t the best and I’m not that great at wrapping weird angles. I debated spraying them with tinted 2k clear but I want to be able to reverse it if needed.

Any shops that anyone recommends?

The laminx template for the fog lights on our Atlas was shit.

I emailed them an image and they redid the template larger, sent me a new set free.

This isnt helping your current need, but just FYI, maybe they’ll correct the template if its that far off.


Yeah they actually emailed me back too when I submitted a return request, I’ve had great experiences with them in the past and they even offered to waive the restock fee. I think I just want a pro to wrap them, I don’t trust myself enough to not mess up the vinyl.

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