Tapatalk get it. .


Why isn’t SON240sx on board with tapatalk, makes cruising the forums quick and easy with an android or iphone/ipad etc… so many other forums have it and i find it rather convenient NYspeed/zilvia has it. shits great.



agreed, i love using tapatalk. very easy for a site to setup to. its the same process as registering an account on any forum. pretty sure the onwer of the site has to be the one to set it up.


Yeah the site owner has to set it up, Bing get on this. you will benefit from it to :wink:


i need to junk my bb…


it is already on nyspeed, as you know… i’ve asked for it to be set up on son but without any progress.


yeah but with like NYSpeed unlike the forum here where you can view both forums because of the merge its unavailable on tapatalk…let us know when if at all you get it up for us to use.

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Bump, any news bing?


this should be working now