Tapatalk (mobile browsing)


Tapatalk, faster forum for us iphone and andriod users, admins, do it…



No problem. I just installed a bb app. After the holidays bump this and I will get on it


Cool, thanks. It works great for a couple other sites I use, much faster than loading a full size site on a tiny screen at 3G speed (or less, I do have an iphone with ATT’s crappy service)


id love this i have the iphone too.


Man, wouldn’t it be nice if Apple made a browser and phone that was good enough to view the forum as it is without some silly app? :wink:


Maybe. It would be better If I just had the n900. And no more faggy iPhone.


They just updated with PM notification. A nice upgrade IMHO.


ill have to update my app then…



updated to tapatalk-alpha on my BB and now when i go to log in i get this:
unexpected type
null@1:0 in



The old version we have is probably not compatible with the new version you just got. We’ll look into it.


thanks josh!


I got an email yesterday that we need to updat all sites for their newest release


I paid $3 and go the app for the iPhone works pretty well!




AN added FYI to this… If also erases all the “new posts” when you actually come to visit the site because it keeps checking for new PMs.



did this update happen or no? cause im having log in issues with my blackberry, no issues on other sites though.


I was browsing on tapatalk today.


I am a few versions behind on the tapatalk software… I have to figure out my login and get it updated. I will attempt to do this today.


Updated. I am posting this from my phone as a functional test.


Thank you sir!
Working perfectly now

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