Tapatalk (mobile browsing)


BUMP Tapatalk HD is currently $.99


Listen at 2.99 on my phone


when i switched to ios7 my phone says tapatalk needs to be updated by forum admin…


Fuck. It is such a chore with our current backend… We are going to be going live with tons of new updates shortly. After that occurs I will go ahead and update the plugin for tapatalk. It is pointless to do it now though.


Love tapatalk makes browsing so much faster

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i guess i can go back to 1998 and use my browser UGH. THE PAIN


Tapatalk is fully updated across the network.


How’s it working now guys? No one has mentioned anymore issues.


It is pulling threads from all of the boards I one issue that I have noticed… That or it is because I am logged in to all of the boards on it. Either way I am not complaining.


I just figured out this is now free yesterday and put on my iphone. It appears to be working.


Not for me it isn’t :gotme:


It gives me threads from all network forums if I am refreshing my timeline

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now it keeps telling me that i have used up all of my login attempts every time i try and sign on


It periodically does this to me also.


The login attempts issues should be fixed.


Thank you.


Woooo !

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Tells me I can’t connect to server wifi or 4g for the last week. Connecting from my pc work just fine its just tapatalk.


There are a few bugs that have come up since we’ve implemented counters to the recent DDoS attacks. We know of a few and we’re working to get them ironed out


Part of the problem is Tapatalk itself. The app is starting to fucking suck and get on my nerves. The paid version became a free version and now there is a new paid version. That is some fucking stupid shit.