Tapatalk (mobile browsing)


I keep getting " you may not have permission to access this" and it closes whatever I’m trying to open

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I don’t use it, so if you guys have an alternative that you think works better we’re all ears.


Login thing was driving me nuts, when I pull up a network wide thread it just refreshes it and doesn’t let me view it.


I don’t think it’s server side…it’s the app.


Anyone get this?

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That’s what I meant. If there is another app out there that works better let me know.

I’ve always just used the web browser on my phone.


Do you have an issues with Windows and this forum? Sometimes when I goto reply it bumps me out of the keyboard/text box


It is probably something from a different forum. I keep getting things from Son, and maybe other places. But they have different subtitles so it’s easy to tell.

I think the worst part is “picks for you” since the forum isn’t very long it just shows a bunch of archived crap lol. On larger forums it’s great

I think tapatalk is still way better than the other apps I have to use for other forums like internetbrands

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Known IE Windows phone problem… Click: go advanced, click in Title field, the in upper left of text field. Not always 100%, but close.


Yeah since we upgraded to the latest vB version the quick reply box hasn’t worked. You just have to use “go advanced” like Spam16v said


all the time


How do we sell things with tapatalk ? It doesn’t allow me to select a prefix to start a new thread


Nvm. My phone wouldn’t let me tap the button I needed to tag it


ok. wtf are all these threads that keep popping up?

a couple sections are “ride new york. sponsored by…” , “offbeat” , “automotive related shit” , as well as all of the SON stuff


We’ve been working on the back end. Did this just happen now?


no it happened after the first day you guys took the site down last week iirc


Interesting. @tpgsr any ideas?


Anyone else getting this error?


I’m assuming they disabled it due to the Redirect problem.


Yep. Sorry there are a few things that have been removed or disabled while things are worked on, Tapatalk being one of them.