Teching in...

Whats up? Heard about a new mad fast website. You guys do any racing? I have a stock green Z28. Okay I lied it has a filter, one of those cool K&N ones !!

:noob: :wave: :tspry:

'Bout time jerky… Welcome!

aww shnaps here comes trouble :smiley:

welcome aboard man, hows the car(s)?

who let this guy in anyways…

whatsup mark haha

what a fucking liar

you have TWO K&N’s, ive seen it and ive got the spy photos to back it up :eek:

what up

I’m pretty sure he has the front mount CAI… if I’m not mistaken.


you suck at halo AND you drive a domestic

You that guy that runs that Camaro junkyard out of his house ?




Badass… inventor of the BowTie Jackstands…

I heard that you have a really slow F-bod too, aren’t there any quick ones around here?

and a few other things, but I am not saying a word

i heard hes got 4 bottles???

oh no… there goes the neighborhood…



welcome :wave:

i SAW A GREEN CAR…it had badazzz28 as plates was that u or another green camaro with a guy that looks like u