Tesla Model III (3, Three) $35k


Damn that’s a good point…



People are already waiting in line:


That’s awesome. Camping out to spend $35k+ is way cooler than camping out for a shitty iPhone. Except the guy in the first picture. He is a douche.


camping out to be first in line to pay $35k for something you wont get for 2.5 years is maaaybe insane.


I came here to post that lol


So who else on here will be reserving one? I figure for $1000 (That is fully refundable if you cancel the order) it doesn’t hurt to stay ahead of demand and be one of the first to have the car.

As long as they don’t botch the numbers/performance and it looks decent I think I’m going to do it.


First model year of a new production car sounds like a good idea :tup:


Fair enough, but considering that this platform will be based on the Model S/X I doubt they’ll see many issues with the drive train. The thought of having a 100% electric car that isn’t slow and boring as fuck to drive is pretty exciting to me.


I’m planning on getting one if it turns out half way decent :tup:


I’m out as I need another SUV but I had been planning on it IF it looked good and IF they had some sort of M3 fighter.

If this was a conventional car I’d say no. It also seems early adopters fared pretty good with the Model S and this won’t be as much of a first as that car was.

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Now there are 100’s of people in line at multiple locations:



Tesla knows how to take care of their customers, in a similar way that the first LS400 had major problems when it was first launched but Lexus handled it so well that few remember. Early Model S cars had drivetrain failures according to this article, but few talk about them.


for 35k…?

youre dreaming



Nah, I wasn’t planning on buying the base model. People are guessing any performance version will be $50k+


think will they actually offer the ludicrous speed option on this?


If they don’t I know there will be a lot of disappointed people.


Apparently reserving a car now ensures that you will still receive the federal tax credit of $7500 that may not be around when the cars are actually being delivered. That’s a hell of a reason to get on the pre-order list if you’re considering one.

Still trying to find out for sure on that.


So I assume the car sticker is $35,000 + $7500 + any other discounts + fuel costs like Tesla normally does when they list prices before the car is released.


Negative. $35,000 before any discounts or fuel savings. So we’d really be looking at a car that starts at $27,500 (- any state incentives as well). Then the fuel savings are an additional bonus.

Edit - http://jalopnik.com/elon-musk-says-model-3-will-cost-35-000-before-incent-1679351127


what if its FWD…would you still be interested?


Fuck no.