Tesla Model III (3, Three) $35k




The site says you can reserve the car 1 hour before they actually show it, lol. Uh oh… does that mean it’s ugly?



there is speculation that this will be driving up prices for the model S


Maybe. If they drop the 70D then the cheapest version of the S goes up a price point. No one buys the 70D anyway.


thats exactly what i was reading


I have the live feed up already. They’re playing some interesting promo vids with actual customer experiences.

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i still have so many unanswered questions

but that flat black one looked REAL good


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He did say there would be a performance version and the cutaway didn’t show FWD from what I could see.

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And yeah, the flat black was neat but it almost too much like a concept car. If that’s a production car I dig it :tup:


i do like that supercharging and autopilot are standard features




also hope you dont crack the windshield…


^^ That view looks kinda Porsche.

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“At least 215 mile range on a single charge.”

Looks just like a Model S but smaller. I loved driving the Model S, I’m down with this one so far. I’d imagine the only options will be rwd and awd. Model S made me appreciate how streamlined its interior is, and still luxurious, being so minimal. The touch screen is great, looks a bit more strange the way it’s mounted in the Model 3 instead of integrated but if that’s what it is, I’m down.

Appears like it might even still be a hatch, I’ve been a hatch convert lately. Looking for a 318ti for next winter ha.

Tesla, looks like you did well.


I actually like all 3 wheel designs they’ve shown.


Flat black car looked great. I think the tint helps the side glass at the hatch visually. Are the wheels you posted the same ones that were on it in the unveiling, for some reason it seems different?


Just for a point of reference, Elon said they hit 115,000 preorders for the car in the last 24 hours, yes?
Well, if that’s true, the Model 3 sold in the day what the BMW 3 series sold through all of last year.
This is gonna be very, very interesting.


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The only pics out there right now are from the unveil so yeah they are def the same wheels.

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I like it. Who would bother buying a Chevy Bolt now?


Makes this mag cover seem kinda funny…


the only thing im not 100% sold on is the front bumper looks out of place or unfinished to me without a blackout portion like the model S has.

also that steering wheel is just a wrapped version of what my 1992 jetta had… wasnt sold on it then and im still not sold on it.
but those are really my only stupid trivial complaints so far.



In the Model S I also like the screen in the traditional speedo/tach area, I like putting the GPS screen on the left section. oh well though