Tesla Model III (3, Three) $35k


soooo who has put money down? I’m sitting here seriously thinking about it.


I felt the same way. It’s definitely going to take some getting used to. Everything else is pretty slick, though.

I bit the bullet. :tup:


i agree… that bumper will be a paint chip machine… or an expensive clear bra application

the car looks great.

i can totally see this taking a huge chunk of A4, 3 and CLA, C class sales


Sorry if this has already been discussed but where do you go to get service/maintenance work done on your Tesla if it breaks down on the side of the road or just normal vehicle service.

Loving these cars but realizing they do not have dealerships to go to like you would for any other car out there under a warranty.




Those are pretty long distances to get your car worked on.


They have ‘Tesla Rangers’ that will send technicians out to wherever you live to work on the car. Looks like they’re now charging $3 per mile from the closest service center so that kind of blows. However, with as many Model 3 that will I doubt most areas will be without one for long.



I did at 10:30pm last night. I mostly did it to make sure if I did decide to get one, I was able to get the (current) $7,500 since only the first 200,000 cars for a company each year get that credit before it goes down. When 2017 comes, they contact you to put together the package and buyer agreement and can decide. Will look what is here for dealerships and what GEICO’s towing covers for distance if something went wrong.



They come to you :tup:

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I don’t think there is anyone that sees this car and instantly thinks the front looks good. We’re all used to what we think a car should look like and humans always want to put human faces on things. I’m not totally a fan. That said, it’s more of a statement. More of a “look what I don’t need because I’m electric” type statement. And I think they did a good enough job to make it subtle enough where I’m not going to write off the entire car.

The interior is off to me, but again that’s because I’m used to one way of looking at interiors.

My point overall is that I’m a bit more open to design concepts that “don’t sit right” because it’s coming from Tesla and because I’m expecting this car to live up to a certain level.


There is a service center less than 10 miles from my house in Raleigh… Darn I really should just put the money down.


lol, yep. Also, something needs to be behind the wheel. That long white length of nothing back there looks like shit. Something like the new S-class dash would be cool.

The tablet thing is cool, it looks better in the current Tesla or the XC90 I think:


(Except for all the finger prints on the display)


I heard right now it is free but they soon may charge $3 a mile. If that is the case, Toronto being roughly 100 miles you are now looking at $300 to get your car looked at by a tech. Assuming your car is under warranty, you still pay a service fee where you wouldn’t on a normal vehicle. If you buy out of warranty (assuming they have yet to make a service place in Buffalo), You’ll be paying $300 to get it looked at + the cost of whatever is not covered in parts/warranty.

I’m not going against these car by any means as I love the thought and the car itself, I just hope by the time these hit the market they would have a service center in any area with a Supercharging station/big cities. It would be a major game changer imo.


The shape of the nose looks too much like this, And the interior shown is not the real one. there will be a later “Interior Unveil” as per Elon’s Twitter.


they are up to 325000 pre-orders


BMW only sells what, ~150k 3 Series each year? That’s incredible.


I’ll be interested to see how many actually become purchases. Even 50% purchase rate would end up being VERY good numbers.


@Paulo too:

Yet eagle-eyed customers and analysts noticed a loophole in the IRS rules for the credit: The $7,500 credit for electric-drive vehicles isn’t cut until the end of the quarter after the one in which a company hits its limit of 200,000 cars delivered in the United States.

So, the reasoning goes, Tesla could intentionally hit its limit on the first day of a quarter, then deliver a wave of vehicles to American customers over the next six months before the credit begins to disappear.

Asked about this gambit on Twitter, Musk seemed to acknowledge it.

“We always try to maximize customer happiness even if that means a revenue shortfall in a quarter,” Musk replied in an April 3 post on Twitter.

Looks like it might be possible to get the credit for more than just the first 200k cars.


4,200 reservations were canceled because of apparently erroneous duplicate reservations, and only 8,000 were canceled because people decided they didn’t want one anymore. That leaves 373,000 reservations still on the books


way late to the game here, but -



@King Awesome. :tup: :tup: