Tesla Model X: New Design, 11.7 1/4 Mile & Bioweapon Defense


This looks better than before:

Also has…

Even when you’re not in an accident, the car protects its occupants from invisible harm with a true HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) cabin air filter, the only one in any car, according to Musk.

“If there’s ever a bioweapon attack,” Musk said “the safest place is your car.” At this point I figured he was kidding, until he added “there’s actually a ‘bioweapon defense mode’ right there in the HVAC. We figure you shouldn’t have to think if you’re in an emergency.”

Off-road air suspension, 5,000lb towing and 6 and 7 seat options… I’m more impressed now than I was initially.


Semi NWS



first time i saw these i hated them. after reading that article, i don’t really hate them anymore…im not sold… but there is a definite appeal




Kinda looks like a Prius :frowning:


almost $150k



If only the bioweapon defense could be used in reverse to evacuate “smells”…




Yeah what the hell is that? I thought they were aiming for the $60k range?


Yeah it’s a bit much. Even more than the diesel Range Rover coming next year that I have my eye on.


I wonder that that means for the 35k model in 2017


The 3 supposedly will have a new battery pack, bringing down the cost. The X and S share the same pack.

A $60k Model 3 P85D is what I expect.


That’s my main concern. I’ve been waiting for details on it so I can get on a waiting list, but if they end up doubling the price of that too then I’m out.


I’m on the same plan lol





Unveil is in March. We’ll know more then I hope.


Model 3. I’m in. P85d. I’m in.

This this just sucks and at $150k, it sucks even more.



This would be a great replacement for our CX-9. 7 passengers, AWD, towing capacity. It looked perfect until I got to the $130k price tag. Obviously it’s way more upscale and in a class of it’s own in performance wise but hopefully someday they market one with a 0-60 in the 7-8 second range, no bio-attack mode or other nonsense and sell it for a price remotely in the neighborhood of other mainstream SUV’s.

Ever since Holiday Valley put the charge stations in at the main lodge, right next to the main stairs, the idea of getting half my ski trip commute for free plus premium parking has been appealing. :slight_smile:

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Curious why you would say that. This is the first one that is truly practical for WNY. Nothing against their other models but I drove a powerful rear wheel drive car with snow tires for the past 9 years and while some who’s a great driver can do it I would never even consider tossing my wife the keys to it on a snowy day.


It was more or less based on it’s looks/price. It’s heinous. Tech wise, the “cool” factor is there. Too bad 99% of people who “would buy one” can’t. Again, I’m a big fan of the 3 and the P/S model cars. I would probably be driving a pre-owned S at the moment, if it made sense/I could drive something other than a VW. When we get a Tesla franchise, I’ll have one. :tup: