Tesla Model X: New Design, 11.7 1/4 Mile & Bioweapon Defense


I kind of looks like the sad robot from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy knocked up a Prius.




I can see that.


And I was just about to say “what if someone parks close”


I’m curious how much fun those doors would be in a Buffalo winter.


They must have thought of it, but yeah where does the snow on the closed doors go? Does it just slide into the SUV? There might be a heater on that roof to melt it.


For those that love to decorate for the holidays, now your vehicle can dance along with your lights…



And we wonder why everything is going electric…


Where’s that stupid dodge suv with the Hellcat engine? There just something so satisfying watching people get their egos checked by an electric car.


Never mind found it…


Wonder how many 1/4 mile runs like that you get before you have to plug it back in for an hour. :slight_smile:


In the vid I posted they said it took an hour just to warm it up to activate ludicrous mode. So you can’t just crush heads whenever you want to, lol.

But it’s still eye opening how fast this SUV is.