Tesla Model S: 0-60 in 2.5s, 762HP (Now w/ Fart Mode)


how did the update address range anxiety?


We find out Thursday I guess.


They are including an extension cord


The update allows for Fred Flintstone power access panels in the floor of the car.



Tesla allowed direct sales in NJ



… makers of zero emissions automobiles to sell them to customers without going through franchised dealers.

Ah ha!


Ah ha!

I think this would be awesome for commuting but that is about the end of it. I wouldn’t really want my car driving me all over the place all the time. I enjoy driving.


Yeah I read about his “we used to have elevator operators too” comment. But operating an elevator isn’t something people love to do.

Not many elevator operator enthusiast forums out there on the internet…


You’re kidding yourself if you think driving won’t be outlawed shortly after self driving cars prove they’re better drivers than humans.

And if they don’t outlaw it the insurance industry will price it out of the reach of anyone but the rich.


It may eventually get to that point but I don’t think “shortly” will be the case.


I’ll be buying snow tires for the motorcycle…

I think in our lifetimes we will see self driving cars become a large mix of what’s on the road, but not the only thing.
I can’t wait for all the vids of people trolling self driving cars…


I think it will take a while to get to the point where they are proven better drivers than humans in all situations, but once that tipping point is reached watch out. It won’t take long to see manual drive banned on lots of roads and your insurance companies requiring ridiculously expensive “manual drive riders” if you want coverage for any crash where the black box says the computer wasn’t driving.

I love to drive but I’d be all for auto-drive on the highway. Let me kick back and watch a movie, take a nap etc and just have the car wake me for manual mode a bit before my exit.

EDIT: Hey @Onyx_Z32 you should move this autodrive discussion to it’s own thread. Probably make one of those good and really rare automotive based discussions on here. :slight_smile:


So they announced fool-proof software today that, unless you specifically WANT to run out of range, the car will use weather / elevation changes / etc to always keep you within range of a power source. It’s neat but not revolutionary.

I just think we’re so far away from said tipping point that it’s almost not work discussing :slight_smile:


New interface coming:


Elon Musk is changing the world.

That is all… for now.


go Tesla!

I still feel :tif: about reading Top Gear articles though.




there’s videos like that with lots of hits on youtube lol


omg… i wasnt following why you posted that video… then it clicked…


Haha I guess people can get excited over just about anything.


That’s how the majority of the human population views car enthusiasts in 2015. “Look at those two-speed doors though”