Tesla Model S: 0-60 in 2.5s, 762HP (Now w/ Fart Mode)


that’s hilarious!


Elon Musk screws a guy out of his car: https://www.atlantic.net/blog/how-elon-musk-ceo-of-telsa-motors-stole-my-car/


I drove a Model S for the second time today. It makes me woozy after a few minutes of driving (testing out the insane mode). Totally incredible vehicles.

I wish the regen was a little more aggressive though.




“Gives you more energy during and after your drive” - pretty smart sentence because I imagine it conserves power better than a human driver could.


I can’t past their drivetrain failures, I have moved on for now. I hope they get that issue solved because everything else about their cars is still sweet.


Well, for like $100,000 less you can get a c class that has distronic plus with steer assist. Not as advanced as autopilot, but it’s pretty impressive. My 16 V60 will steer itself back into the lane if you wander over the white or yellow lines (if you are going over 35mph, and the cameras can see the lane markings, and the curves of the road aren’t to sharp, and it’s not too hilly). I wonder where autonomous driving will be in say, 4 years?


I don’t get why its a concern? Are you going to keep one outside of the warranty?


Possibly and the resale is going to be shit if the car has a rep of catastrophic failure.


We guarantee that your vehicle will have a resale value after 3 years of at least the Guaranteed Resale
Value specified above.


so what happens if you are a baller and pay cash?




Did Fisker offer that? :wink:


lol no, but that’s a slightly different case


Face-lift coming:


P100D - 0-60 in 2.5 seconds.

For context, there are very few other “production” cars that can keep up with that run to highway speed, and that count includes the Bugatti Veyron Supersport, the Ferrari LaFerrari, and the Porsche 918. And none of those cars came close to cracking 1,000 units sold, and they all cost more than a $1 million.

Also this is cool:

current Tesla Model S and Model X P90D owners will actually be able to physically upgrade their cars to P100D spec, although it does induce a $20,000 charge as Tesla must recycle the cars’ current battery pack.


And now for some perspective… If you drop from 10.5 to 10.0 seconds to 60 it is no big deal but 2.5 is 20% faster than 3.0 seconds. SIQ!!!


it’s all traction limited anyway… I doubt it’s faster in the 60’ unless you’re on slicks


I want to see this on slicks.


Is there any ICE production car that can beat Tesla’s current 60’ times?