Tesla Model S: 0-60 in 2.5s, 762HP (Now w/ Fart Mode)


Well, if that remains the case I will be cancelling my pre-order. AWD or bust.


Well they did say “initially” so I’ll remain hopeful.


Right. I’m not cancelling my order right now. If they get in touch with me to configure my car and it’s still like that I will be opting out.

But here’s the thing; The first people that are supposed to take delivery are previous Tesla owners since they were given priority. So I’m guessing that many of them will feel the same way. I’d rather wait and get the options I want instead of take delivery of the 2WD, non-performance version. Maybe they will allow the option to be on hold to wait for the better optioned cars, but then I could lose the $7500 tax credit. (If I got in early enough to receive it.)


At least the $7500 does not go away completely and stair-steps down.
I assume everyone considering one has looked into the NY $2k benefit as well?


I forget what thread it was but I called it. :smiley:
Volvo to stop putting ICEs in passenger cars in a couple years.
I said with the level of electric technology in cars there really is no reason to even start R&D on future passenger car ICEs.
Interesting times we live in.
Imagine when companies like Ferrari have to come to grips with all electric. :slight_smile:

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So what will the business opportunities be for this new world? :slight_smile:
Maybe I could start my own charging business, although gas stations I am sure will already be adapting.


I know I posted a thread a few years ago where BMW said something similar. It was around the time of the i8 and i3 announcement I think.

But I don’t think Ferrari will jump to all electric in my lifetime. What will they do, play that Ferrari sound over external car speakers?


I like what Ferrari is doing with cams that only make power up top then use electric down low. as batteries get smaller and lighter this will likely be what we get from them more with ability to switch to hybrid mode only when wanted.


So now GM has stated that they are phasing out ICE. Can you imagine if you are an ICE senior designer or whatever? I think I had mentioned before, I can’t imagine any car company designing a new passenger car ICE.

What a changing World we live in. :slight_smile:


GMs stock price is doing well too on the news.

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$34000 from something as little as a deer hit?!?!? No thanks.


Wow that’s incredible.




Model S into an old Honda:


With damage prices like this, and insurance companies raising rates, what’s the most Elon Musk thing they could do?



I still can’t believe Tesla hasn’t been forced to rename “Autopilot” to something else.


I think Volvo’s name is more appropriate. “Pilot Assist” :+1:t3:


OK now this looks too easy… Moral of the story is to keep ‘PIN to drive’ on:


I find it odd that you can shut off remote access within the settings. In BMW’s you have to know what module controls the location services and completely remove it from the car.