Tesla Model S: 0-60 in 2.5s, 762HP (Now w/ Fart Mode)


Anyone notice the guy putting gas in the car at the end was drive a Volt?


It wil be interesting to see how this compares to the Cadillac “Volt”


That’s a good commercial.




Whats going on this afternoon?
EMP I heard



Electric motor torque :tup:


that’s awesome…now I’ve just got to come up with $70k lol


I have my doubts about the M5 vs Tesla race vid considering Motor Trend tested both and the M5 was faster in 0-60 and 1/4 mile.

Tesla: 0-60 time: 3.9 seconds. Quarter mile: 12.5 seconds at 110.9 mph
M5: 0-60 time: 3.7 seconds. Quarter mile: 11.9 seconds at 120.3 mph

Still both seriously quick cars. Close enough that a better driver in the Tesla could definitely make the difference.


In that video the M5 looses traction and gets a little sideways, I’m sure it could make up more time. But the overall point is to show how fast this car is in relation to something considered sort of a bench mark.


With the M5, they may have done the different tests in the “auto”/manual versions. Regardless, close enough.


My comment to the person who sent me the note, “I have seen better launches out of the jamaican space program.”

I wonder if they were using launch control and if it was a auto or manual. From the other article I was reading the 6MT is tough to launch.

Either way very impressive considering they were originally shooting for 5.5 0-60.


Has anyone here launched an electric car before? All that torque instantly at 0 RPM is probably hard to manage too, unless there is some other electric traction control wizardry working at the same time. It’s pobably is quite the kick-in-the-pants in this car.


I have launched a hybrid and it pulls instantly. They do tune them so they don’t just melt tires.


yeah the output would have to be regulated for sure.


the Tesla S looks like a Korean car… so ghey


Thank you.


It appears that Tesla’s new $600-per-year service program for its Model S is not going over well with some of the owners and wait-listers. David Noland, a Model S reservation holder and freelance writer, has dug into it the details and clarified the one he’s finding most annoying. And as it turns out, he’s not the only one taking issue with the program.

According to Green Car Reports, Noland owns a 2011 Chevrolet Volt and likes the service coverage for the plug-in hybrid’s electric motor and battery thermal-management system. It only needs minimal maintenance – a $49 annual system check at a local dealer and a $35 oil change every two years. That’s $84 for two years of routine maintenance. For the Model S, it’s a lot higher: $600 per year, and that electric car doesn’t even need the oil change.

Further investigation showed that the matter is even more serious. In a recent blog post on Tesla Motor Club forum, Tesla’s vice president, George Blankenship, made the policy more clear in comments on a post about the new service plans: failure to pay $600 for an annual inspection voids the warranty. Plus, any visit to a non-Tesla shop for any type of service will void the warranty, a provision that could run afoul of the law.


^ I came in here to post that lol


so some hick mechanic works on a totally electric vehicle and does something wonky, a year later the car blows up and Tesla is supposed to cover it?

I’m sure it’s not totally inclusive like tire changes or wiper blades, but there is a lot of engineering and process that goes into these cars so I understand to a point