Testing Waters - 2003 Mustang GT Premium - Twin Turbo

$16,500 OBO
Clean Title No Liens

Debating selling this in an effort to score a GT500 later this year. I would like to keep it but I am out of space. Car has never given me a bit of trouble and is the most reliable modified vehicle I have owned.

2003 Mustang GT Premium
DSG Dark Shadow Gray
50k Stock 2V Engine and 5spd Trans
03/04 Cobra Seats - Light Grey Inserts
Have stock leather seats

HP Twin Turbo Kit with FMIC
Tial Wastegates
Tons of upgraded suspension
Spec 3+ Clutch
Built 3.73 Rear End
Front Coilovers
Rear Drag Pack
10th Anniversary Deep Dish Chome wheels and Nitto Tires - Less than 1k on them
Tuned by Pops Racing in Rochester NY
BBK Upper Intake
SCT Tuned
Comes with SCT Handheld
Have Mach 1000 audio not installed
03/04 Cobra Bumper
Roush Spoiler
Cobra R Hood
2 Step Launch Control
Line Lock
Cobra Front Brakes

Much Much more. Will slightly reduce price to swap stock leather seats back in.




What kinda power does this make?

Twin turbo power.

If you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it.

Haha thanks guys

Haha…it has not been on the rollers but I am putting it around 415 whp at 7psi. Mikes Roush makes around that and we are near dead even on zee hwy

It’s only one color though?

Thats why it has to go.


Any time and any place ricer

Knew that was coming. It’ll be somewhere remote so you don’t have to suffer the public embarassment.

Fair enough. Right in front of your house? :stuck_out_tongue:



Found a GT 500 I want…Tell your friends…

Hell yeah! What year?


That’s some serious coin. Pics?

Not looking like it will happen. Need to sell this first but its at a dealer in NJ