The Grand Tour


We need a new thread dedicated for this show.

Five minutes into the episode and I was already sold.

The opening literally had me choked up, it was so awesome.

11/10, I can’t wait to see the rest!!!


Great idea, loving it so far, especially the dig at VW not even 20 minutes into the show lol.


So how does one view this??? Amazon ??


I’m about to buy Prime just because I can’t find it on the torrent sites yet haha.


any streaming links? absolute pain to get US prime



Seriously, spend the money for the Prime membership. Not sure what to tell our neighbors to the north, but even if I never took advantage of 2 day shipping (which I have a lot since getting my prime membership) it would still be worth it for this show.


Pretty awesome.


In the opening scene, fingers were crossed that none of them ran anybody over.


Honestly had no idea Prime was for anything else other than 2 day shipping. After looking into it more I’ll be buying it today most likely.


I’m hooked.


Only had time this morning to watch the intro and the “coming this season” part, looks really good. When the other two Mustangs rolled up it definitely hit me right in the feels.




It’s definitely out on usenet now so I’m assuming it’s available on torrents too.


Haven’t watched it yet but it’s probably worth nothing that Prime memberships are $20 off today, $79/year.


I’d be paying for prime in a second if I wasn’t already added on as a family member on someone else’s account. That just gets you the free shipping though, not access to prime video.


I have access to prime video through amazon prime, I just had to download an app.


Looking forward to this! No spoilers plz.


Im glad I wasn’t the only one hit in the feels department.


so 24 hours after air-date/time to speak freely?


Love the new show. For a 1st episode it was def solid. Cant wait to see what damage they have caused with Amazons massive budget.