The Grand Tour


The intro could not have been done better.

Def hit me in the feels and I watched it 2x.

Spoiler Alert - lots of poo and death.


Watched it, loved it.


Awesome. The best parts of top gear without the boring parts they used to do.


75%+ of the guests I could have done without. Agreed


Nice to see the trio together again :tup:

Was not a fan of the american stig, we are not all rednecks here.


Really impressed. Hopefully that will be the only appearance of “The American”. Only real low point.

Defintely won’t be sending any amateurs around their new track. Tons of places with zero runoff.




This thing couldn’t pull a greasy string out a dogs ass!


That was hilarious.


for those that haven’t seen…it was on youtube already on nov18…had a border around the video making it smaller (which somehow eliminates copyright issues?)…
i have prime so its not a worry, but just thought those that dont would appreciate that.


I don’t really know anything about driving a car on a track, but I LOVE the idea of the new track. It seems like a fun AND challenging place to put a car through the paces. And the name/shape is awesome.

I don’t think they could have done ANY better for starting this thing off.

Poor James May :rofl:


Loved both episodes so far :tup:

The track looked super sketchy when they had the M2 on it but you can see they’ve already started to clean it up by the time the Vulcan ran the track.

How soon until the new track makes it into video games and people forget the Top Gear track?


I think Top Gear in general is going to be in a really tough spot now. They got by with a bad but not fatal drop in ratings last year because TGT didn’t exist. The ratings will be even worse now that TGT is on track to prove itself the true Top Gear.




3rd episode was better than the 2nd. Waiting for the jetski episode :tup:


3rd was better but pretty meh overall. The jokes with the Hellcat got old fast. They really need a challenge with some junker cars soon.


Season 2:





Nice :tup: