New Top Gear America (2021)

No, not that one with two useless fucknuts incapable of driving at all and a slightly bearable Tanner Foust.

No, I’m talking about the 2021 version streaming on Motortrend (or pirated like I did because buying yet another exclusive streaming service can chew on my left nut). I’m 4 episodes in and can honestly say it’s pretty entertaining. Shocked how quickly the 3 of them have great chemistry. Rob isn’t the best driver but Dax and the “not famous” guy are both great. What Rob lacks in driving skill he makes up for in personality, something Rutledge and Adam never did on the first Top Gear America.

When will they just give up and get Clarkson/Hammond/May back for the good of the globe

I didn’t hate that as much as I thought. But I’m not sure I’ll watch unless they have a car I’m interested in.

I already watched 5 episodes. I enjoyed it. 10x better than the garbage that is UK Top Gear now because I can’t stand the new hosts.

I have yet to watch the new one but just discovered the Top Gear American from 2017 on Amazon prime because I can’t find the new one anywhere w/o paying for motor trend.

The 1st episodes are terrible. The only entertaining part is that my wife’s aunt dated Bill Fighter in high school.

Anyone know where to watch the latest one w/o paying?