Top Gear S.22: Clarkson Fired -> Amazon -> The Grand Tour [Nov 18th]

Season starts on the 25th but there is some “evening with Top Gear” thing going on this Weekend.

And there is this Lego Top Gear thing they did that’s pretty cool:

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yeah i saw that… i dont think my boys will appreciate it yet even though they have watched top gear with me a number of times.

Speaking of you, here’s a streaming version (parts 1 & 2) of the Patagonia Special:

i got them already

P1 vs. 918 will be a 30min special:

that’s going to be real good.

Anyone have link to streaming it?

I’ll look. I totally forgot about this!

Ive been using a proxy and just stream from iplayer

i see the direction they are going with these… away from competing with the youtube / chris harris type review videos and more into the 3 characters with 3 cars and challenges in exotic locales direction… it certainly will be much much harder to compete with given the budget and permissions and logistics involved. Not sure that it is more entertaining though.

star in the reasonably priced car is tired as hell imho.


it is better when we know or have herd of the guest they are interviewing.


99% of the time I fast forward over it. The last episode with Kiefer Sutherland was worth watching though.

good episode… was not expecting the AMG GT to put down a faster time than a GTR…

Too bad they didnt run the M3 / i8… Great reviews of both however.

Agreed on both. In the review didn’t he say the new m3 was 4 seconds faster than the old one?

Also actually enjoyed the star in a reasonably priced car for once.

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yeah but he also referenced the ascari track from an earlier episode not the top gear track… wasnt clear on it.

Oh yea, good point.

Very surprised they didn’t do a lap in that case

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I need to catch up on all of these episodes.

crazy but not surprising that Ferrari and McLaren will not allow Top Gear to compete their cars… they seem to know one another’s games as Chris Harris’s critique rings true about Ferrari only being interested if they can send a factory backed car…

also interesting to see Jeremy call them each out in detail and plea for them to allow Top Gear to do the testing… hopefully it’ll work

all from the middle of ep 5.