The new ride..............

I pick this up next Saturday. 2005 Harley Soft tail…


did you buy the leather pants with the two holes in the back?

Buttless chaps? :poke:

Nice bike

Nice :slight_smile:

:puke: … old iron or nothing at all.

Black, red and chrome… nice combo :tup:

You’ve been been talkin up how much Joo wanna get a bike… so there ya go…

nice purchase butch.


you are talking about the 2nd bike with the flames right butch…i mean come on, it needs flames if you bought it…right?..

The flamed one was a bit more than I was willing to pay right now. As it was, I had a budget of max 10K. I spent 16K. lol…

Cool. Time to ride now :slight_smile:

nice bike; be safe.

Nice choice

all chaps are buttless, but the hetero bikers wear jeans under them.

Nice ride!

Wow thats really nice :tup:


now you can look, act, and ride like a biker.

nice butch