The other weekend project thread. Home stuff.

I’m looking for the door install pics…

I was going to wrap the deck around… but the existing deck is going to be replaced with an attached 2.5 car garage… and then the back man door would need stairs up to the deck… and didn’t make any sense. So… I went with pavers. I’m going to expand another 2-300sq ft next year and add a fountain and a bar. The existing stairs are temporary. We eat on it every night it isn’t raining. We bought a sweet patio set with solar leds in the umbrella… totally worth the $75.

Only 6 cuts on over 250sq ft.

leftover. Steps for the bilco doors.

Here is the truck empty… Tim is 6’

Here is the truck with 5400lbs in the bed. The wife is 5’6".

There is 9" of lift in there on 40s… lol.

silly Jack


Well that project looks like a pain in the dick.


I shoveled the 3 tons out of the truck. Had a dumper drop 23 more tons into the driveway… about 25 tons total under the pavers. The extra ton got spread into the driveway.

23 tons 1 C+R = $311
3 ton screenings = $30
250sq ft unilock = $800
Sand + edging = $80
Doors = $250

Neighbors with tractors and friends who help = priceless.

Built the shed last year (you can see it in the last door pic). Mostly by myself., but again, friends helped. 20x12x14. Putting trusses up by yourself sucks… and then putting the roof on yourself… sucks too. Then trusting it with JEG and yourself on it… scary.

very nice.

i think some one should make a thread for all the home owners to show what projects they have done this summer.

Looks like a proper foundation for our climate.

A lot better than most of the brick driveways, walkways, and patios that shift every 6 months do to freezing that I’ve seen around. [/runonsentence]

Yeah… we dug about 20-24 inches of topsoil up before we felt like moving the stone.

Awesome, very similar. I also will do a little walk way in front of the steps with pavers. Where did you get them from?

Thruway Builders on Walden Ave between Central and Transit across from 84 lumber.

They gave me a good deal.

I’m thinking after the back patio is completed… after the addition of the 300sq ft, and the garage is up I’m going to do a 10x30 section in front of the garage between the concrete floor and the blacktop driveway…

Its probably going to be a couple years.

Those springs are still smiling… could have putt a little more in :slight_smile:

lol… One side was straight… the other was frowning. Hard to make out in the pics.

Actually… this clearly shows a frown


oh yea… thats a stern frown… your truck hates you :frowning:

LOL…why the F would you post this without pics the first time lol…

Looks great…did you put down any sort of weed barrier so you dont have to worry about stuff growing in through the stone?




not bad not bad. brick work :tup:

looks like your wife helped :tup:

i like the look… the wife is also making me pick up that same door

request. load the pics to nyspeed.

those look awesome, sweet deal man