they apparently used to own a FWD car have a mustang...

stolen comment but I agree with it

I’d say its better to be able to stop and turn than to accelerate…

is that the new swap?

that’s different

but at the same time, wouldnt that cause HORRIBLE oversteer if they went into a corner ? or its just gonna fishtale even harder when driving down the street …

yea, they stole their dads mustang driveline for their focus, and they didnt want dad to know, so the mustang has the focus parts now

to an extent, I agree. But better traction tires belong in the rear for any street driven car. FWD, AWD, RWD, FlinstoneWD… whatever. Idly sliding bologna skins are bad news.

-edit- rofl @ picture.


lol… who uses chains anyways

uh. i think they just got a tire rotation, no big deal! lol

I Cant see shit, that pic sucks.


They use tire chains in CA. It’s required. When I lived out there once you get up to a certain altitude, police have a road block set up and you either have to pull over and put chains on, or turn around and go back down the mountain.

And in this case, i’d suspect it was to help braking.