This is me


I’m Howie. If you are on this board by now, you probably know me, or have a clue to who I am.

You might also have a clue to why I am doing this.

This meaning, me starting a new board (which competes directly with a board I really worked hard to make grow and loved) known as UBRF.

Well, no badmouthing of any of the old staff really minus one or two people will come from me, but whatever, what is done is done, what is in the past is just that, in the past.

I look foward to bringing you a better forum and community experience. I think I have a pretty stellar cast of mods and admins.

Anyway, a little more about me if you didn’t know already :

I drive a 92 Galant VR4, pretty modded, it’s fun.

A/C and moonroof and everything.

I’m all about practicality when it comes to my car.

I don’t have a sweet tooth for some strange reason.

I want a good forum and a good community. That’s all.

Anyway, I’m out.

Hope you enjoy your stay…


hi…welcome aboard…nice ride…any pics of the car???

maybe i’ll see ya around and we can meet…

and have relations…YESSSSSSSSSSSS

skunk… you are queerer than a 3 dollar bill…

hahaha…u know you love it…don’t deny it

Howie’s my hero…no not really. :smiley:

why not?

welcome howie, allegedly the mods here are pretty cool guys

hey howie…

awesome board T-uP we just need more smileys and avatars and we’re all set haha…

…your car is fun now that its finally on the road…can we go cruise around more and hunt down those nerdy and fat hells angels from the other day HAHHA

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey I think I know who you are! Your the guy from the other day who was leghumpin my sister, in that case FAWK YOU!!! ROFLMAO

I agree with Akvile…more smileys and avs!!!

oh and hi
tup on the new style

Thanks for the new and improved board howie!

howie is da man !

Good stuff so far Howie. So is this what the 2 50’ lengths of ethernet cable were for??? :slight_smile:

You are that guy…that guy from the video…o I will stop there…I dont wanna get hit with the ban stick already. Its a great thing you have done here sir…and I am glad to be a part of it :slight_smile:

OmGHi2U A/s/L???

i :heart: howie

That’s all i could do considering she was like 2 feet taller than me…


She is pretty hot tho

But… you think me getting you guys drinks was hitting on her?

lol I must hit on a lot of people then …

nice job on the board Howie…

sleepy guess what your

lol welcome back poppa bear!! lol

thanks for the kick BuTT site sir.

you are in fact, THE MAN. :smiley:

well hello howie

due to the whole ubrf incident, i find my one old siggnature somewhat ironic …

Welcome to the forum howie!!!

(and yea i never said it before, so ill say it now)