Yea.. it's me

I figured an automotive forum wouldn’t be complete without the guy in a Cavalier thinking he’s the fastest on there.

So here I am, to the rescue.

pyschos10 returnzors!


rofl welcome


Hi sweetums :wink:

lol. i had a sig about you on UBRF. but then i got banned for it. lol

Hopefully in a good way…

EDIT: Hopefully the sig was about me in a good way… is what I meant.


Nope, he got banned in a good way though.

cough no ubrf drama here please :slight_smile:

pssshhhhhht :stuck_out_tongue:

Too funny…

Any banning from UBRF is good.



Hello B

All I ask is that you and nicole not be so verbose about how much you care and love each other.

That shit gets madd annoying.

That goes for everyone…

i love howie more than the stars.


Fair enough…

Does this mean I have to cut back on the PDA with you as well?
You big sexy asian hunk!


Back off bitches, Howies all mine :heart:

Howie once this is all sorted out i think me and you should get an appartment together!! :lol:

Uhh i mean welcome z24ster :smiley: