I’m banned again, and I havent even been on there to check any topics in over month. I couldnt even tell you the last time I posted. No really, I cant tell you, bc I cant get on to check :biglaugh: Now that is talent!

This nyspeed idea was a good idea you guys had. :tup:

ah yes, the joys of being banned…
it almost feels good.

<-------------- perma ultra banned for life.

Same here.

Damn arguments.

The funny thing, the guy I argued with, is on here, and there aren’t any problems between us.

I think one of the big problems UBRF had, was it went more and more towards being all about drama, and you had to say something to someone else in order to avoid being flamed yourself.

It was great when I joined up, but slowly went downhill with all the arguments, flaming, and so on.

haha nice…

even i got banned…that was teh ghey but funny now that i think of it… :lol:

all u ppl got banned?

wow, i never even knew

Hi Bad Azz :slight_smile:

It’s great and all that you guys think this is a great place and we appreciate it but let’s keep UBRF in the past and not go back there. I don’t want this to turn into a UBRF bitch fest…