In the last week have been banned from...



waiting on roclife…

very nice work! I can’t say that I’ve been banned from anywhere. I guess i’m just too nice or something.

team faggard.

thats funny… lol

i was banned from teh barf as well… :smiley: i dont even know what i did :gotme:

You’re my pal… It doesn’t really matter now… Our new home is built…

You must have some serious talent to manage to get banned from teamhaggard…they’re so anti-ban. got the thread?

werd… I like their setup :tup:

bunch of nice ppl over there IMO

how did you get banned from ditb?

how did you get banned off of haggard? lol

i got banned off the BARF before, lol… ever since this site has been up…all ive been back on there for is to check autoX stuff…lol…

this place is soOOo much better :tup:


welcome again…

yea, how in the heck u get banned from haggard? i wonder what happened to “TodaTowagaHuk”…lol…they made some “funny” comments down there…lmao

^WORD :smiley:


i tried so hard to get banned by those EA scammers

fucking emos


your soo sexy :kiss:

thats what i was getting at

yeah i got banned for posting nyspeed links :bloated:

^^lol whatever, who cares about EA anywyas :tdown:

maybe if you guys didn’t make any accounts just to steal my members, we wouldn’t have banned you.

it’s a respect thing, i didn’t ban your normal account in case you actually wanted to sayt something productive.

we appreciate the teamfaggard comment. grow up.

Pardon the confusion, but i don’t think it was anyone I had control over who posted on your site… I made it very clear that I didn’t want to spam your site.



are you serious.

your saying that your mad cus people “stole” people from your board… that’s the funniest thing ive heard all day. People make there own decisions.

I will still post on both

I like this site for its more car related talk

I like your site for its free-for-all fun topics!

The more choices the merrier!

I <3 dramalife. I doubt you’ll get banned for something so trivial. Shit, even two of their mods left your thread alone!