This weeks project is done.

Well after a bunch of work, the carbs are finally on… Wiring still needs to be cleaned up a lil bit more but this isn’t a show car… just a cruiser…
Lower end throttle response = TEE up…
I haven’t really beat on it a bunch as I still am waiting to tune them, Plus I had to adjust my throttle cable and the linage… it was loose so after about 2 min of driving it one side had gone up 1/2 throttle, Also made some plates to cover the two tiny exhaust leaks that are created by removing the stock manifold… (The stock manifold had a tube running across it that liked the two exhausts together to help warm the air and fuel entering it as it would ice up on the LONG journey if it was too cold)

here’s a picture of the stock carb setup… The red lines indicate the old path of air/fuel from the carb… the blue lines indicate the new path… See how much shorter it is… :slight_smile: That in itself was worth the dual carbs, plus now I"ve got more air / fuel going to the car.

The newness (Sorry for the cockeyed picture, I was just taking a qick shot… didn’t feel like makign it perfekt)
The sticker also adds about 5 WHP.

Sweet, looks pretty clean under there.


Really nice! :tup: Not only fuctional, but very cool looking as well.

Wow nice! I still have to see it in person.


thats hot…

god, did i say that about a VW?!?!?!

yea, but its an old school vw, so its politicly correct still

looks good mang

haha. you guys are ridiculous.

the ghia looks good though. bring it out to taffy’s.


if I get my engine tin tomorrow I will be able to come up to taffys on tues… if not… then I’m gunna be stuck at home… No HIghway driving till I get my right side engine tin from CIP.

:tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup:


you shame the polish community.

i here by shunn you for insolence.