Thrice: The Alchemy Index, Vols. 1 & 2

I wanted to make a thread for this last month but forgot about it until I randomly popped it in the car today. What a good CD, I’ve been disappointed with some of the recent CDs I got (ie JEW) but this one is amazing. So much depth and experimental/prog-ness to it. Highly recommended, if you liked old Thrice they are straying from their first couple of albums sound-wise, but it’s not a bad thing like a lot of people have been saying. They’re just more talented than simple riffs and screaming.

They incorporate the theme (fire and water) into all of their songs very well, it makes for such a unique listen. Go buy it now.

the album is acutally a four part concept…the first two volumes being fire and water…the idea behind it is to write the songs according to what they think the elements would sound like…and i think they did an amazing job at it… volume 3 and 4 are going to be earth and wind i believe… all around amazing musicians…great album :tup:

I loved thrice for so long… i just don’t care for this album :frowning:

I fucking love old Thrice.

I am sure I will love this, it’s just going to take time (like their last album). lol

old thrice shreads so fuckign hard…

i remember seeing them and the get up kids open for dashboard confessional a lonnngg time ago at the dome. god im a homo lol

vols. iii and iv air and earth came out tuesday. this band is ridiculous. even if you don’t like this band everyone has to check out the song silver wings, it might be the highest level of quality i have ever heard production-wise. instant masterpiece.