TIF's wtf!

Ok my puter is gettin bogged down, i havent cleaned out my cookies and temp int files in so long i forgot how! where the hell do i find em??i use Firedox, but dont think that will help. someone remond me!

Tools, options. . .Privacy tab. . .clear clear clear

also do a disk clean-up, that will also help get rid of some

fuck!, all that shit in my computer and thanks to the super awesome virus i got through ******** i had to reboot the whole damn thing and reload windows, this sucks! i lost everything, i had SOOO much artwork and other shit-gone, fuck.
Anyone have Photoshop i can dupe?

Backup, backup, backup. It’s only like 10-25 cents a CD. :tup:

oh quit ur bitching jay…u didn’t get any virus from anybody…you caused it all by urself… :slight_smile:

true image pro >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

back ur shit up man, its worth it