TIRES... Need to know ASAP

I own a 1990 hatchback 240 and i am shopping for tires for the stock rims 15s and i wanna know what size i should go in the front and in the back …same size all around or bigger in the back …

And also what brand is good , nothing to expensive but decent for some fun driving …

the sooner i know the better i want some for this week

i could help but your in ottawa if in the gta woulda been no prob. sorry mate


or 205/55/15 (might look goofy on stock suspension)

my stock 15s are 195/60… 205/50-55 is good as jesse said.

could go 195 front and 205 rear. the ss 535 is a decent tire… they are around $79-$85 ea for a 15’’

check your driverside door jam, or glove box, or owners manual, or consult your local nissan dealership

holy newbie question, gawd :evil:

locked asap