TMP memorial day open lapping anyone?

Thinking about heading up to TMP on memorial day 5/27 for open lapping, anyone else up for it? Went up 2 years ago and it was great, basically had the place to ourselves.

So it’s $140 Canadian from 10am to 5pm correct?

@bing we haven’t been in a while.


Maybe. I haven’t been since 2005?

Its $140 if you preregister, I think $180 CAD at the door. I never preregistered just so your not tied to it if the weather looks bad.

my schedule is tough this time of year, i’d happily pay at the door if i can make it.

would be good to do some lapping with casual drivers. i hate going when there’s a bunch of dudes taking things too seriously.

i go on in full street trim just to work the car out a bit. no trying to push lap times.

You dudes going to this still?

Im heading out now

how did it go?

Everything went good, got in as many laps as I could handle. There were only about a dozen or so cars there for the morning session, so no traffic on the track to deal with. Price was $120 USD as they were running a memorial day special or something. Couple guys from the Buffalo area were there, someone with a brand new blue ZL1 and another guy with a neon green exige. Car ran good, brakes were not to confidence inspiring on stock pads and my brand new ps4s were pretty slick Best lap was a 1.22 I think.

Best of all stopped and duty free on the way back and got 2 bottles of crown for $35 USD