Toxic the Entertainer

Hello boys, anyone want a sandwich? Just playing,I’m on this board cause Zwarbyt hooks it up, I have no Sport Compact car, But I will do some design and it will be tight, I got a truck that Does a 30 second quarter Mile,33 inch BF goodrich wheels and can’t get out of the way of your moms in a wegman’s scooter cart. Enough with the self deprecation, They call me Toxic cause I worked construction and did’nt eat for 3.5 years. Now I have been bionically re-engineered and am ready to slap up some fools. Let’s see- I am also known as Goat BOI- and JV on other sites. If you think Zwarbyt is an asshole I’ll crush you. other projects include building an xs650 cafe race bike, Building public sculpture, putting ladies to work, and riding a woman’s ten speed with the handle bars turned up sloshed around Rochester.

I will buy an MR2 at the end of the summer with any luck.

Look for upcoming comedic post
-Thou SHalt not be such a shit, you don’t know you are one-

lol welcome

welcome teh king, the one and only, worlds spectacular

welcome :wave:

great 1st post btw…lol