Trying out a V10 this time

After having great luck and really enjoying my C5 the past few years, it was finally time to update. I was pretty set on buying a C6, even considered a higher mileage zo6. Eventually I broadened my search to 2nd gen GTS’s, which really seemed to make more sense. I can buy the car now, keep it for a few years, or keep it forever, and loose little to nothing on it in that time with raising values.

I ended up stumbling across this:

bunch of work done at ROE - cam, exhaust, etc.

Should be arriving some time next week. I really hope it makes it here before my wedding on the 21st.

I’ll get some better pictures after it arrives.

cool silver dick

i totally approve

Awesome :tup:


EDIT: That’s a sports car that will actually appreciate.

Soon we will all own vipers!


Awesome. Just needs some better wheels :slight_smile:


I need to fix mine as well.

yes this is what always bothers me about these cars

Love it. Been a bucket list car since I was a kid. But yes wheels and coils :tup:

Have fun melting yourself inside there…

Congrats man!

Few pics in reference to the above:

you can improve the wheel gap on the 2nd gen but it never goes away…


Looks good :tup:

I always wanted one hopefully someday.

I’m pumped…Especially since mine has a door!!!

(Sorry, had to after doing some reading on VA)

Wheel gap is terrible, so are the wheels. But I’m going to live with them for a bit, the tires have under 2k on them, and a new set is not in the budget this year. I need to look into lowering options, my vette had absolutely no gap at all. Looking at those gaping wheel wells is going to bother me.

I think I have a set of lowering caps, custom modified koni’s and coil overs I need to look in my garage. Also have black sidewinders, silver sidewinders, and a set of bbs wheels I’d sell.

I think I have a few gen 3 intakes if you want to clean that up, I might be selling my built 3:73 rear diff too. :stuck_out_tongue:

1998 is a great year, forged bottom end, that silver looks great, awesome purchase. Congrats!!

Roe does really good stuff.

you can always deal with it; you just have to be a scientist with wheel specs, tire sizing, alignment specs, spacers etc. etc.

LOL it’s all good! It’s back on! Let me know when you want to go cruising. I usually take mine out at least 20-30 miles a week, sometimes I just drive for no reason. I just had @SOLITUDE put in a new sub/amp/headunit and it’s like a concert in there.

I love these things, even with the weirdest wheel gap ever. Definitely on my bucket list. :tup: