turbine powered go-kart ..

run one looked good … run 2 was … uuuh


cant view it, its asks for a password

weird, putfile.com is a NON subscription site, so there should be no reason it asks for a password

yeah i thought it was odd too.

lets do it hotrod, f the snowmobile engine…t70 biotch


lol … NO

i dont think that having a turbine drive the rear tires on a gocart is a great idea for an offroad gocart like what im building

and im quite sure thats how the one in the video works … you can see the gearbox on the parked cart, and its why it does the wheelie in the 2nd run

if i can get the lawn mower from dirtye30 today, maybe i can whip something out and run it at the innovative dyno day, lol

anyone have some unused smog pumps i can use as superchargers ? lol