Turbo parts and misc. for sale

Selling some parts, here we go again… Garrett 60 trim - 350, no shaft play at all great turbo im just going bigger only reason for selling

Momo seat -65 Turbo manifold - re-inforced , had alot of welds cut and re-welded at my dads friends welding company, kinda hard to see in the picture ill try and get a better one soon - 200

B18 head with brian crower valvetrain , and brian crower stage 2 turbo cams, sorry no pic currently ill try and take one tonight - 500

3 b18a1 motors 2 with built bottom ends, wiseco pistons crower rods, one has a spun bearing, one has an out of round cylinder- also workin on getting pics, the 3rd is just a stock ls with spun bearing- make offer

Spearco front mount intercooler - 200

carbon fiber hood for 96 civic -200 http://i534.photobucket.com/albums/ee347/turbob162008/l_fcd3f7d250fab23b1ba0d4394edf43cc.jpg S&W 8 point chromoly steel roll cage for 96 civic, im sure it will fit other years the kits are general- 450 (pics tonight) Act 6 puck unsprung, with brand new race disk- 220 still in car, i just had the disk and tranny put in about 2 weeks ago and the motor blew a couple days ago so probably about 2-300miles on it i have alot of other parts for sale to just ask i have more parts ill post later

whats the demensions of the IC

I’ll take the seat…my brother wants it…it used to be Walt’s seat correct? PM me and we’ll work it out

2.5inch inlet/outlet,3 inches thick, im sorry i dont know the length, its 9 inches high.

ya the seat used to be walts im just sellin it for what i paid for it, call me up it has civic rails on it - 412 726 0087