Looks like a viper screwed a rx-8

i like it. TVR is all about the crazy colors and designs.

woo, the one TVR that actually handles well.

i like it

arent these powered by Ford engines too? like the Pagondi, and Koeneggiseg?

THAT is sexy… why can’t the USA get there act together like that. :shakeshead:

Agreed …

what the hell is a TVR?

i like it

an obscure russian car seen only in the movie swordfish and arab oil prince’s garages.

i’m not sure where i feel on this one, it’s kinda busy for my taste and i’m sure that the after i see the price i’d still rather buy the new vette. imho as always :smiley:

Sorry had to fix that :wink:

If I had to sum up TVR for someone who’s never heard of them outside Gran Turismo. They enjoy building RWD cars that are usually powered by some very strong Inline 6’s which make between 300-400 hp. And every so often they shove a V8 into something. Most their cars handle pretty well and are fairly light for what they are. They’d probaly make a decent buck if they ever sold them here.

Yea, to be honest I pulled alot of that off of here, check it out.

:doh: i think they got bought by a russian this year and i got them confused… i think… i’ll have to google to check it out.

here we go, i think there was an article in CnD last year

AH ok, shit I learn something new every day lol. After reading that I guess they are still UK based, just with Russian ownership from the looks of things. So yea not sure what you would consider it lol.

the russians are coming :slight_smile:

you both are correct about what is going on with it, the only thing is that this new TVR is actually a nice handling vehicle, the rest tuscan and others wre more like a viper driving wise

No. They design and build their own engines, notably a twin- cam 24V straight six and a flat- plane crank 32V V8. Amazing for a tiny little British company.

TVR used to run Rover V8 engines which were the old all aluminum Buick V8 (215). When Buick decided they had no use for the engine, Rover bought all the tooling in the 60’s and started making them under their name. Rover V8’s have been in a ton of British cars including Range Rovers, MG’s, TVR’s, Marcos, various Rover sedans (SD1 etc), Westfields, etc. etc.

oh noes! well, that’s your second post of the month. back to your hiding place and see you in december.

hows the engine coming along?

i like the way it looks

could’ve sworn their Tuskan has a Ford 32V 4.6L

or that might be the Koeniggseg that uses the SC 4.6

The Koeniggseg uses the SC modular Ford.