TW: 2006 Yamaha VX110 Deluxe Waverunner

Testing waters for my Waverunner. It’s a 2006, but it didn’t go in the water once in 2007. Approximately 21 hours total on it. I love this thing but I travel too much for work to have fun toys, and it’s just not practical for me to keep it.

1052 cc 4-Stroke, In-line, 4-Cylinder, 20-Valve engine
Deluxe edition (has reverse and side mirrors, unlike the Sport edition)
Seats 1, 2, or 3 people
Comes with trailer, cover, “coast guard package”
Stored indoors when it wasn’t in the water on it’s floating platform

Asking $7000 obo

an r1 doesnt have a 1052 cc motor in it.

how fast approx?

55- 60 mph

lol isnt it like 998cc or somethin

glws, may consider picking one of these up in the spring… ill let u know

an R1 has a 998cc motor in it.

ok then I am mistaken, all my bike friends must’ve been wrong when they told me that. I’ll take it out of the original post…

nice i want to pick another one up in a month or so good price ill pm u in a few weeks if u still have it