Okay so i need cash really bad and im thinking about selling my PS2, its not the slim version but comes with an ethernet adapter. works perfect, comes with memory card and 2 controllers and a bunch of games, i really dont wanna part it out. heres the list of games. im not sure if i wanna sell it yet, depends on how desperate i need cash. throw me an offer

Prince of persia: the sands of time
everquest online adventures
midnight club 3 DUB edition
Socom 3
Socom 2
Socom 1
Gran Turismo 3
NCAA Football 2005
Madden 2003
Burnout 3
Gauntlet Dark Legacy
NFS underground
NFS underground 2
GTA: San Andreas


cmon, make an offer, any offer. help me buy a VAFC :slight_smile:

100 for the PS itself sounds good?



ill give u 75just for the ps2. i have everything else. and maybe a memory card. pm cuz i dont check here much.

PMed. Bump!, i also have a squier guitar with stand, amp and amp chords for $75. i have some 6x9 pioneer speakers (make offer) and 88-91 civic lowering springs for $40. Help me get my VAFC!

anyone? lowballers welcome :slight_smile:



125 for what?


all of what? lol be more specific

all that was in ur post…just making an offer idk what u want

is that for the guitar springs and amp? or for the ps2?


please dont tell me ur offering him 125 for a used ps2… there 130 brand new

he said that was for everything i posted

and all the games and crap with it