TW: Veilside S13 Coupe / Silvia rear valance

Stupid Rare

I bought this piece straight from japan 6 or 7 years ago… i caught it on a yahoo auction by a US military guy and just had to have it.

I’ve never touched it or mounted it or anything… i molded the S13 coupe rear valances instead and this just sat since it would be a mega pain in the ass to ship.

This is essentially an CDM OEM valance for the hatchback but made specifically for a coupe / silvia

You have NEVER seen this before… it basically does not any exist…

I have it sitting at my old warehouse and want to clean things up…

Therefore… same as with the coupe overs and the S14 overs… if we can get 4+ people to pre-pay i’ll pull a mold of it, sell the original and then move on with my life. I just cant bring myself to clear this stuff out without pulling a mold.

Pics attached are actual photos of the piece from the yahoo japan auction from like 2003 or something… man i’ve been around for a while.

4 people: $185
5 people: $175
6+ people: $160

same deal as with others… pay $185 up front, if we get more people i’ll refund in cash on pick up.

friggin facebook hosting… i need to get smart FTP on my new laptop… frig

i don’t have a coupe but that’s pretty sick man
coupe owners jumper all over this looks really sharp

I want one. How about the original? :slight_smile:

  1. Smitty (Will)

the original is mega-fragile and i wouldnt let it go cheap probably over $300… i have a bunch of ultra-rare parts that i’ve collected and sat on…

a genuine Tomei 3-point front strut bar… this Veilside piece, the original B-wav Wangan etc. etc.

got any navan sides to replicate? lol

no, navan = weeeak

so 90’s

aghhhh, anyways people with coupes definately should get this valence lip. Looks sweet.

I’m down 100% do it.

my friend has one on his silvia. it is a rare piece tho hadnt seen it before until he got his car

I’d buy one on my next paycheck.

  1. Smitty (Will)
  2. nickg(nick)
  1. Mark

good start… lets get 1-2 more guys and i’ll start chasing you down for the $

i can get the piece this weekend.

if you get these in production ill definitely buy one when im back in ontario and working in may…these are nice…i was gonna buy your other valences but i think i like this better

  1. Kyle

kyle we’re ready to go on this… i already pm’d the others.

get in touch with me asap

Yeah sorry Bingzors. Just found silvia valances in storage I forgot I had… no need for this. I’m out. Sorry for the monetary-cock tease.

I’ll take one if you’re willing to ship to Quebec

shipping to QC would be north of $100.

alright 5.Lauzonserv(Alex)