Twin Turbo 350Z for sales...

No, not really

Why did I just waste 3 minutes looking at this?

Wow!!! That is one expensive ugly train wreck of a car.

Man. The hood is vile. So is all that silver mesh. The rear is alright.

I guess the point was to see if anybody would catch the underhood shot of the CAI…

I caught that too but he does say that the prts in red are new in box. But it diesnt say anything about these parts are included with the auction. They better be for that asking price

SAMCO SILCONE HOSE PACKAGE---------------------------------------------------$500.00USD

hahahah what a POS



I saw 2 pictures and then clicked it shut, I can only imagine what the under hood looks like. So your saying it isn’t a twin turbo, kinda like those fake front intercoolers that are really an air intake?

no the TT kit is not installed, read the description and you wouldn’t look like an ass trying to ASSume things

lol, thank you.

im sure its quick, but it looks like shit

god, he got RAPED on the price of parts soooooo bad

1200 for a pair of greddy rs BOV’s ?

3 grand extra for the turbo kit

koyo radiator for $500 over internet price

lambo door kit, apparently off a real lambo cause they are the “real deal”

lol no fucking shit, i was wondering what the catch was based on your post… finally get to the bottom and :bloated: :cjerk: