UBRF Is Back?????

There was a “car meet” at Buff State last night…anndddddddddd bunch of guys got pistol whipped and arrested.

So yeah, this will end well.

woh woh woh, tell us more. Pistol whipped as in random people pistol whipping them or cops laying a beat down?

Student was showing me the video. Bunch of “urban” people from Rochester met up with a bunch of Buff State dormers and car guys and then shit got real, fight broke out and “straps” came out. Then BPD and Buff State PD showed up and starting macing people and arrested a few.


Non-legal aged kids with illegal guns on public campus, dating underage girls… so many things.

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wtf lol

And now you know why the UB one said law enforcement on site. Keeps the gangsters out.

Guess it’s that or do your meets invite only on private property. :shushing_face:

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I wasn’t able to make it yesterday. If I see one posted for the future I’ll share it again.

However, I want to see videos of went down at Buff State. That sounds great.