Uh oh...blacklisted?

so i was talking to my dad yesterday, and he got semi busted for downloading on P2P servers. he got a warning email from time warner (that he never read) and then like a week later he got locked out of his computer from time warner until he uninstalled all of the P2P software. he uses bear share and uTorrent, not sure what one it was. they basically said, this is your chance to stop…lets not find out what happens when you do it again.

anyone else get this or hear of anything like this? any info would be very helpful.

They do this a lot. Usually they just temporarily suspend your connection until you check your email or call them. I’ve never heard of them “locking” someone out of their computer.

They can suspend your broadband service, but they can’t “lock” you out of your computer.

My old roomate is the highest level tech from TWC, shot him a quick IM

(11:03:34 AM) ****twc: yeah…the MPA and RIAA will notify corporate and we have to shut them off for abuse

(11:03:44 AM) ****twc: its not so much downloading as it is sharing

(11:05:53 AM) ****mKCisco: who are they?

(11:06:18 AM) ****twc: motion picture association and the recording industry

(11:06:29 AM) ****mKCisco: ah, they can track people like that?

(11:06:33 AM) ****twc: oh yeah

(11:06:40 AM) ****mKCisco: I dont want to get busted, you know how much pr0n I have?

(11:06:58 AM) ****twc: pr0n isnt usually what they hit

(11:07:00 AM) ****mKCisco: well, coupled with a few hundred MP3’s

(11:07:02 AM) ****twc: movies and music usually

(11:07:08 AM) ****twc: download is ok…dont seed

(11:08:07 AM) ****mKCisco: but if the PPA (porn piture association) ever got on my tail, I’d be F^@ked!

(11:08:44 AM) ****twc: lol

Another reason why newsgroups are the best! :tup:

Good luck helping your dad download porn again, that should be a real bonding experience for the two of you.

hahaha and this is why newsgroups>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> all that p2p bullshit.

where did porn come up? i never said anything about that. he was actually downloading howard stern shows and movies. so im assuming it was the mpaa. he said he got a popup and that it disables his account until he aknowledged that he read it. i figured it was a seeding thing.

Tell him to stop using Bearshare, and use PeerGuardian while downloading/seeding torrents.

Oh and also…

DC++ Hub >

so the cliff notes are: don’t be stupid, download then quit seeding.

Install PeerGuardian. Problem solved.

Yes they can, sames goes for broadcasting viruses/spam and such.

I l-o-l-ed.

i always shut down before seeding, but he leaves his on overnight. thats prob the issue. but i think hes done altogether. i guess their house will have to get painted now. so what does peer guardian do?

Blocks a list of certain ip’s from communicating with your computer. Someytimes it’s a pita because almost every website has some type of shady advert and you have to disable it to see the page but if you’re seeding, invaluable.

It doesn’t matter if you never “seed”. The entire time you’re downloading you’re sharing, THAT’S HOW P2P WORKS. “Seeding” just means you’ve finished downloading and you’re CONTINUING to upload.

So to those of you that think you’re safe because you turn off the torrent as soon as it finishes, think again.

Not that I use P2P very much…

It takes < 30 minutes to DL a top gear episode (FIOS).
The upload rate is limited to XX kbs
Delete torrent upon completion

How much damage could you possibly do, or attention garnished by that?

p2p is for queers who cant figure out NG’s

so are the games u play.


Out of context, that sounds rediculously gay. and racist.

but srsly, yes newsgroups ftw.

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