Use P2P? -- get PeerGuardian 2

PeerGuardian 2 – if you don’t already – download it and use it.

Just a tip.

i’m getting some questions so –

Q: what does this program do?
A: blocks all the known IPs of major anti-p2p agencies. ie mpaa, time warner, etc etc

Q: what prompted you to share this info?
A: a close friend of mine received a warning letter concerning his “illegal downloading”.

they are watching. use it. stay safe.

I love you


Hmm… maybe since I got that letter from the Harry Fox Agency telling me I can’t mix music and sell it, I should protect my downloading activities.

Good lookin’ out!

:eek: yeah lol

btw anyone using p2p should change their listen port from 6881 to 10032 for now.


i think that limewire pro blocks those sites now to…

limewire is schweet


thanks for the heads up brother :tup: seriously… you da man

hey… anything else I can do to “hide” myself online with Verizon DSL? if ya know what I mean… krazyjon? I know you work in the field

do you use this with lime wire? or is it another program like it?

do they have this for OSX?

yeah use it with sharing programs. Azureus, Lime wire, whatever.

what the F is ooooh esssss exxxxx?? lol j/k :wink:

it’s an open source program written in visual c++. i’m not sure if you can compile visual c code on a mac, or moreover if you’d have the neccessary drivers/dlls/etc. sry… :frowning:

your speaking a language i dont understand…lol

ok well I finally got my DSL running and installed PeerGuardian2

Now, is there anything else I can do to protect myself besides a firewall and PG2? Where do you guys usually d/l from? Cant verizon see everything that I d/l? I just dont want to get pinched


uhhhh i can’t help you then. :slight_smile:

[font=Arial][size=2][font=Verdana][size=2]you should be straight man, pg2 (depending on what lists you choose) blocks about 800,000,000 ip addresses. besides, you’ll get one warning so you should know right away if they are onto you. :wink:

goto for dls. you’ll want to do a google search for “azuerus” as well. best torrent dling software to date. i recommend disabling virus scanning on compressed files (and ONLY compressed files) in your dl directory though. if you don’t once you get to the end of each piece of a file you computer will damn near lockup. it’s not a problem caused by azureus, it’s just that when the temp files are copied over, your active virus scanning tries to check out the finished file… if that file happens to be huge, like say 4 gigs… well you get the idea. even if you are dling smaller files or smaller pieces, since multiple files are finishing – the cache of files to scan gets bigger and bigger and bigger slowing your pc down more and more and more. you get the idea. just do as i say.

cool, thanks man… also, what do you mean by the lists? how do I select different ones? Which one should I use? thanks bro

I “think” I’m using the P2P list… noticed timewarner and bbc blocked alot

just use the default p2p list for now. you can select them by clicking “list manager” on the main window.