Update on which wheels to get...

after looking around for a while and for the longest time wanting wheels that look like SSR GT3 wheels (cause i can’t afford real SSR GT3 wheels :slight_smile: )…i’m gonna narrow it down to these 2 choices… and on a side note…i don;t know if i want the SSR look-a-likes to be in silver or black with polished lip



I like the 2nd ones…They looks better IMO…
what size are you getting them…?

GOod luck…! Though decision…:gotme:



Damn skunnkie…def. the 2nd ones…They are hott…

2 man!

first ones




2 - if they have bmw centercaps…


numba 2

thats a toughie… i like the first ones on rx7s alot, but on the M i’d have to pick #2

second one

they’re pretty close to that old five-spoke you had on the other day that i really really liked (and i still like those ones better) but gotta go five-spoke

get the ones you want

num 2 cause i dont have to clean them…

if he knew that he wouldn’t be asking us :bloated:

Which ones are lighter?

not sure which are lighter…but i think i am gonna go with the second choice…i jsut think is looks soooo good…and once the car is lowered…UGHHH…so hotTt

good choice :uarenumbawon!: