ok does anyone know the location/phone number of the ups hub, like where all the trucks would go to get their shit? my package came in there today, but wont be delivered till monday, and i work all week, i wanted to get these parts installed today, any info will help thanks

Its on bailey in the city, I dont remember the address off hand. Calling any ups store or drop off location should be able to get you the address.

its right near the intersection of bailey and dingens, there is a huge ups sign off of bailey that you cant miss

I found that there’s 4 Authorized Shipping OUtlets in the area, and I don’t know which one’s for you. Check out for that stuff. there’s a tool to find locations.
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yea its wat duece is talkin bout, but when are they there until any idea? and is there like an office where i would go in to?

unfortunately, you usually can’t pick up a package unless they have already attempted delivery once.

I had to wait the whole damn weekend while my exhaust for my bike was 6 miles away in the fucking warehouse. whore bags

I was able to call them with my tracking # and change it to a pick-up and they had not tried to deliver it once yet. You have to call the main UPS # to do it.

actually you had to wait the whole weekend because your package was sitting in a trailor so they sure as hell werent going to dig through a 1000 packages to try and find your exhaust.



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